Remember when it was the '00s and "burning CDs" was a thing and you sometimes needed third-party software for that and one of them was called "Nero Burning ROM"

I literally *just* got that pun

@kaye oh

oh shit


*holds head in hands as word crumbles around me*

@kaye Well, thanks to your toot I just realised that I only got it partially all the time, only the Nero Burning part 🤣 ROM being written in all capital letters meant I ignored the last word. Great software BTW apart from the bloat they later bundled the installers with.


Also, CloneDVD features a funny cute sheep as its mascot.

Why a sheep you ask?

Dolly the sheep was the first CLONED animal.

@kaye It's even worse/better.
Nero is a German company, in German the Italian capital is called "Rom"… it's a bilingual double pun /o\

@kaye there's literally a file called HALLO.TXT in the Nero installation directory explaining the joke, too!

@theoutrider @kaye ...oh my fucking god i had no idea it was meant to be a joke and thanks to this toot i only now get it holy fucking...


@theoutrider @kaye so you're expecting people who probably pirated that software to pirate more software or movies to a) know history, or b) be bothered to / know how to READ

how dare you?! i was too young for either of these!

@hirojin @kaye it probably helped in my case that I studied Latin in school :D and the joke is a bit more obvious to German native speakers given that Rome isn't called "Rom" in most other European languages

@kaye I always enjoy seeing someone getting that pun ^^

@anathem @kaye readthe whole thread, I think you will be happy for a week at least

Seems like only parts of that thread made it to my instance...

@kaye I've just burned 2 CD-R's today (700MB kind, not DVD-R) for the first time in 3+ years

p.s. I didn't enlist Emperor Nero's help 🤣​

@kaye in a true :T moment I just remember that the icon was the coliseum on fire, but I know that it didnt exist when Nero was emperor...

@kaye Took me a year of working on its competitor, Toast with Jam, to understand that, too.

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