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So I finally got my first scientific paper published! In a scholarly outlet and everything! There was peer review and they asked for revisions and stuff. It's not in a top-tier journal and it's not world-changing and... ah, who am I kidding, I'm currently 60% happiness by volume. 🎉💦👌👏✅✨

Might have to first take a two-month evening course on literary theory if you wanna bully me

Not too worried about people finding out I'm a postfurry because it would take a good three or four weeks of diligent research to understand what that is

Yayyy I finally managed to reset my password

One of the comparatively rare events is that the planet you're approaching has a technological civilization on it. You can spend a century or two just chatting with them while you fly by, get to know a few generations of alien researchers

Little offhanded comment about how the ship's reactor has outlasted the civilisation that created it a coupla times over

Seedship is such an excellent game for robofeels

Hey, so if you were starting a game project from scratch, what toolset would you use?

Right now I'm looking at pygame. I do have a half-finished engine written in Java but I'm honestly not super into it, I might start fresh.

The old Magic videogame by MicroProse had a few unique cards, which had their own sound effects. Here's one.

There's a lot of media content from ~2000 to ~2008 that hasn't been archived properly and isn't really available online; that'll be fun to rediscover

No idea how you get a liquid to taste dry, but the makers of this oatmeal drink did an admirable job

Sometimes I feel weird that there's... so much *past.* Like, generally speaking.

For example: I want to go to the Frankfurter Dippemess later, which is a public festival that has been around since at least 1392. 627 years! That just feels weird.

It's alright, everyone, I have a compromise proposal: We'll rescind the EU copyright reform, but we'll also ban anime and exile all gamers to the desert.

My new favourite genre of spam mail is: Translated by a surprisingly competent but also overzealous algorithm, so URLs with words in them get completely mangled

We're looking for new people to work in L1 support. This is for a purely internal application, so I think our ad will probably just say like

"It's a normal tech support job BUT if a caller is a dick to you we can actually have them reprimanded"

programming is like a detective novel where idk maybe google "body no head who is murderer" and see if stack overflow turns up any clues

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