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So I finally got my first scientific paper published! In a scholarly outlet and everything! There was peer review and they asked for revisions and stuff. It's not in a top-tier journal and it's not world-changing and... ah, who am I kidding, I'm currently 60% happiness by volume. πŸŽ‰πŸ’¦πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘βœ…βœ¨

Hey, so if you were starting a game project from scratch, what toolset would you use?

Right now I'm looking at pygame. I do have a half-finished engine written in Java but I'm honestly not super into it, I might start fresh.

The old Magic videogame by MicroProse had a few unique cards, which had their own sound effects. Here's one.

There's a lot of media content from ~2000 to ~2008 that hasn't been archived properly and isn't really available online; that'll be fun to rediscover

No idea how you get a liquid to taste dry, but the makers of this oatmeal drink did an admirable job

Sometimes I feel weird that there's... so much *past.* Like, generally speaking.

For example: I want to go to the Frankfurter Dippemess later, which is a public festival that has been around since at least 1392. 627 years! That just feels weird.

It's alright, everyone, I have a compromise proposal: We'll rescind the EU copyright reform, but we'll also ban anime and exile all gamers to the desert.

My new favourite genre of spam mail is: Translated by a surprisingly competent but also overzealous algorithm, so URLs with words in them get completely mangled

We're looking for new people to work in L1 support. This is for a purely internal application, so I think our ad will probably just say like

"It's a normal tech support job BUT if a caller is a dick to you we can actually have them reprimanded"

programming is like a detective novel where idk maybe google "body no head who is murderer" and see if stack overflow turns up any clues

I always thought that digital nomads were *supposed* to work in coffee places, but the Starbucks manager will not listen. Disappointed, I herd my cybergoats back outside.

On one hand, it might be kind of cool to have a full ancestry report
On the other hand, I don't really want a random shady American company to have my full genome

On the hypothetical third hand, what about the acausal AI gods at the end of time? Some of them I *do* want to have my full genome but not others

There's this big chunk of gaming history from ~2006 to ~2010 that's old enough to have been released just before the widespread availability of home broadband (and thus Let's Plays and streams) but is also too new to be nostalgic for the most prominent content producers. Only the most prominent games from back then are really documented.

We'll catch up to 'em through nostalgia churn, so I think we'll be seeing all those games again by the late 2020s. That'll be fun to watch happen in real time.

I like the show but I honestly don't think how you can come away from this thinking Rick is like... good? Why do people treat Pickle Rick like that was a cool thing to do

I always experience pop culture 2-3 years late, so I'm just catching up on Rick & Morty right now

Ok but if we're being honest, the most relatable part of any religious text is where people dunk on the prophet's terrible, terrible home village (John 1:46, Luke 4:16-30)

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