hate to tell you this but the behaviour of chaotic systems (society, climate) can't be predicted thru looking at 10 variables in excel

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A plume of white smoke emerges from the vussy, announcing that a new sub pope has been chosen

Also there's the better outcome called "stabilized world" where humanity turn away from maximizing industrial output, and focuses on improving social services, which stabilizes with everyone better off than the other two scenarios.

It's just we don't seem to have made a lot of progress on that plan.

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"KKBOX2020華語流行歌曲100首🔥" kkbox 2020 charts top hits week 42 i think, they played it when i picked up Cantonese food downtown but they told me it's Mandarin top hits

if cardi b and megan thee stallion both had 4 legs each 

🎶 there's some taurs in this house 🎶

People, do not, never, not once, push someone to "forgive" someone else. You simply can't, and you probably don't know the whole picture.

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Having convos about politics with relatives that watch fox 

Dang it. I should have asked you all how my message sounded before I sent it.

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Dreaming of having the muscles to sit in decent posture indefinitely.

Hadn't been to the LGBTQ+ district in Chicago in awhile, so I was happy to see the trans flag everywhere bc last time it wasn't there. Even saw "Black Trans Lives Matter" (the sign flip-flopped b/t the QTBIPOC "progress pride flag" by Daniel Quasar & a marquee that said "BLACK TRANS LIVES MATTER" under the community health clinic's sign). <3

i would give my life for Hazel Aden & Paige Michalchuk and Hazel & Paige **ALONE**

here's an idea: doxxing riot police and burning their houses to the ground.

for some reason I'm on twitch a lot lately, so if it tickles your fancy come hang out sometime at twitch.tv/javitrino

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