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Sur mon blog : Le monde du travail, dernière frontière à conquérir pour le climat

Il s'agit quelques pensées que j'essayais de mettre à l'écrit ces derniers mois, au sujet du climat et du monde du travail.

Je ne me souviens pas en avoir déjà parlé, surtout vu que je tente souvent de vous convaincre d'arrêter de consommer chez Amazon, il existe un guide avec plein de moyens de s'en passer.

Someone on Twitter mentioned that in some regions of Germany, a common idiom for whenever there's mist in the forest is "The foxes are making coffee", and thought the image was evocative enough for an illustration.

Well, I took the bait! 🦊☕

#MastoArt #CreativeToot #Lineart

Still acting as the non-official communication channel for iMAL:

1 December 2018, 🇧🇪

Discover and experience the P2P web! Talks & workshops with Zenna Fiscella, @raphaelbastide and @kodedninja

I added Pixelfed to Producthunt
It already has 42 upvotes. But If we give it a push as Mastodon users, it can become nr 1 of the day easily.
cc/ @dansup

alternatives to sqlite 

if sqlite’s new CoC featuring the ten commandments and then some gives you the willies, there are some alternatives. i use pouchdb for projects that only need a small local database: everything is stored on disk. you hook it up to a couchdb install if you need to scale your db infra, in which case it automatically transacts with couchdb rather than the local filesystem.

plus you can stick it in the browser 😛

My BBC Ideas piece on #SurveillanceCapitalism is now on the main page of BBC News. Tell your friends, spread the word :)

HT @cbowdon

Do I know anyone who has any experience in (events) streaming with remote controlled camera (like pan-tilt-zoom ones). Especially wondering about existing free/open software solutions for remote control :)



The new Venom movie has a scene with intense flashing lights (the lab entry scene) and I received no warnings and had to leave (just for that scene) as I am epileptic!!! PLEASE share this since I’ve seen NO warnings being shared and this is very important and can prevent people from having seizures etc during the film.

Source: tumblr (not me)

2003 'ware 

i remember my mp3 player, one of those clickwheel ipods, and it was just a hard drive with a headphone jack. you could boot and partition the hard drive or add music by just loading files -- things that today would be considered wicked hacks on proprietary systems were a matter of drag-and-drop in 2003.

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This is ridiculous: Let's push for PWA so that it doesn't become the standard way of delivering software to the users.

mkdir PNG && find . -maxdepth 1 -name '*.svg' | while IFS=$'\n' read f ; do inkscape "$f" --export-png="PNG/${f%%.svg}.png"; done # SVG 2 PNG in CWD. Using Inkscape's command line functionality to convert SVG documents into PNG images. GUI CLI FTW!

Remember It's a startup that got kicked out of YCombinator for its founder's abusive behavior. It rebranded itself as the "free speech social network" and gave itself the Pepe frog as its logo, in case you missed that it was a vehicle for the alt-right.

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