Fun fact! If you try to set the default branch of a gist to something other than "master" it breaks the gist. good jorb githurb

Cette carte du monde, de u/xilefakamot sur r/MapPorn, montre les frontières entre les pays, le reste n’est pas bien important.

EU pol 

@yhancik en effet. Gulps, J'espère que tout va bien se passer quand je vais sortir mon ordi de sa torpeur...

The GPU saga continues. After the death of my 9 years old Radeon in March, it seems that its replacement was faulty and (at least) always freezes at ~50-55°c.

My researches showed that:
- wow a lot of people complain about issues with AMD cards
- their software is still as bad, if not worse

Switching back to Nvidia then .___.

🚲 Face aux Deliveroo, Uber East, Just Eat, etc, des livreurs à vélo s’organisent en coopérative pour proposer une alternative en utilisant les mêmes technologies de pointe => ils reprennent en main leurs conditions de travail et leur protection sociale, et accèdent à une rémunération convenable.
🚲 A tester en France sur Grenoble, Liège, Lorient, Montpellier, Nantes et Poitiers. Je l'attends sur Paris

Another day, another "bring back Google Reader" article that does not acknowledge Reader's extremely robust social features.

These features allowed someone to, for example, share an article they liked to their friends and spawn a private mini-forum to discuss that article. It was similar to sharing an article with friends on Facebook, but based on your RSS curation rather than whatever you got from Facebook's awful news feed.

Yes! This!

This is why I keep talking about the need for a "social reader", not just bringing back RSS!

@yhancik il est resté très longtemps comme ça 😉 et je me souviens d'avoir été amusé par l'erreur. Et je retrouve ma façon de nommer les choses 😛 Mais surtout rendons à Santa Yan ce qui est à Santa Yan : ce wallpaper, comme bien d'autres, je l'avais reçu de toi 😄

Folks in the UK, about the government’s contact tracing app made by folks from Vote Leave & GCHQ:

- Do not download it.
- Do not use it.
- Tell friends & family not to either.

This is a mass surveillance app. It won’t protect you. But it will create a very dangerous precedent.

Bon, ben vu l'état de mes notification, il est évident que les contents warnings, ne gênent en rien la visibilité des pouets.

Je continuerais donc a mettre des CWs.

pour ceux que ça gênent de cliquer en permanence sur "déplier", mastodon et pleroma possèdent une option pour tout déplier automatiquement.

Du coup pourquoi mettre de CWs si tout le monde active le dépliage automatique ?

Pour répondre je vous renvoie a la conversation que j'ai eu avec @thildACAB ici:

Announcing airbreak, a toolkit to jailbreak inexpensive CPAP machines to turn them into emergency #COVID19 ventilators by unlocking all operational modes and allowing custom software extensions.

@yhancik nope, you're not alone :) I remember seeing this document before, very good content as always from them.
In my team we do a video call every day (~15 mins) and that's about it, most of the communication happens asynchronously. And it's getting better :)

This person made a complete Godzilla movie playing all the parts himself. Including Godzilla. Do I win the internets?

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