is a really cool idea & *such* a great vibe
»If you want to build a Sunday Site
1. Write HTML and CSS.
2. Don't use JavaScript. Figure out ways to achieve something similar with HTML.
3. Automate as little as possible. Keep it manual until it hurts.
4. Sign your site with a link to your user page.
5. Have fun!

Petite redif sur David Graeber, son pamphlet “Are You An Anarchist? The Answer May Surprise You!”, traduit en français.

« Êtes-vous un anarchiste ? – La réponse pourrait vous surprendre ! »

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Je vais essayer de voir si ça marche sur le fediverse français

Je recherche une alternance sur Paris dans le développement web (front-end/webdesign tout particulièrement), si vous avez des contacts ou besoin d'infos vous pouvez aller dans me DMs

Reposts appréciés pliz

How do you manage to remain hopeful that we'll ever manage to tackle the challenge of fighting global warming considered the irrational strong reactions of resistance we witness in the context of covid-19?

svp arrêtez d'utiliser l'expression "cancel culture" au premier degré comme si ça désignait quelque chose de réel et bien défini. C'est principalement utilisé et martelé par les gens de droite ça devrait vous mettre la puce à l'oreille 😬

Discourses of climate delay
"In contemporary discussions on what actions should be taken, by whom and how fast, proponents of climate delay would argue for minimal action or action taken by others. They focus attention on the negative social effects of climate policies and raise doubt that mitigation is possible. Here, we outline the common features of climate delay discourses and provide a guide to identifying them."

La pollution de l’air est plus grave qu’on estimait, à tel point qu’il serait rentable d’abandonner les hydrocarbures au profit d’énergies propres, même sans crise climatique. Les bénéfices d’un air pur suffiraient pour payer la transition énergétique.

I think that with the whole #Mozilla fiasco, we're just witnessing once more the limit of the green/open/fair/inclusive discourse when it is essentially used as a smoke screen for commercial activities. For many years now Mozilla has used the model of running a non-profit org in front of their for-profit company. It's quite well documented and as such is not a surprising model, it is used by corporations to interface with different audiences, contexts, etc. There is however always a risk of cognitive dissonance with these models, and this is clear with Mozilla's PR right now, stuck between financial priorities and the need to maintain their image of social justice endorsers they have been working hard to promote until now.

Interesting read on the carbon footprint of streaming


with this important note, applicable to other sectors :
“The broadcasting platforms (their design, the underlying economic model, audience metrics, etc.) play a central role in the form taken by uses and thus their environmental impact. So, uses are to a great extent the product of a system, and not the sole result of individual consumer behavior.”

Un quart du Bangladesh est sous les eaux. Des millions de gens ont tout perdu.

“Le dernier désastre de ce pays illustre une iniquité frappante : les gens les moins responsables de la crise climatique sont parmi les plus touchés par ses conséquences.”

Fun fact! If you try to set the default branch of a gist to something other than "master" it breaks the gist. good jorb githurb

Cette carte du monde, de u/xilefakamot sur r/MapPorn, montre les frontières entre les pays, le reste n’est pas bien important.

EU pol 

Europe actually treats asylum seekers worse than the US does.

They fine airlines for carrying asylum seekers - enough money that the airlines would go bust, so they won't carry them. So seekers have to walk or take very dangerous journeys across the Mediterranean.

In the later case, Europe sends them to be tortured in Libya. Out of sight, but actually tortured. We pay their state for this.

The GPU saga continues. After the death of my 9 years old Radeon in March, it seems that its replacement was faulty and (at least) always freezes at ~50-55°c.

My researches showed that:
- wow a lot of people complain about issues with AMD cards
- their software is still as bad, if not worse

Switching back to Nvidia then .___.

🚲 Face aux Deliveroo, Uber East, Just Eat, etc, des livreurs à vélo s’organisent en coopérative pour proposer une alternative en utilisant les mêmes technologies de pointe => ils reprennent en main leurs conditions de travail et leur protection sociale, et accèdent à une rémunération convenable.
🚲 A tester en France sur Grenoble, Liège, Lorient, Montpellier, Nantes et Poitiers. Je l'attends sur Paris

Another day, another "bring back Google Reader" article that does not acknowledge Reader's extremely robust social features.

These features allowed someone to, for example, share an article they liked to their friends and spawn a private mini-forum to discuss that article. It was similar to sharing an article with friends on Facebook, but based on your RSS curation rather than whatever you got from Facebook's awful news feed.

Yes! This!

This is why I keep talking about the need for a "social reader", not just bringing back RSS!
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