I don't know what a Klondike donut is, but it feels like Peak America.

Happy We Can Do Better Day from a guy who needs his hair cut.

I am making a salad dressing for our get together today. Have to figure out what to wear, since we are staying outside, what with the failed pandemic response in America.

In conclusion: no more twigs for Biggs. It does not match his legs, chest, or even his jaw, really.

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And look at Tifa. Her arms and legs seem to match proportionally. Her beasts are a different story, but even those are more proportional in the remake than the original. Regardless, the arms are a good match for her body.

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Barrett has gigantic arms, but he is a tank and it makes sense. His overall body size is large and it accommodates the gun arm proportionally.

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Cloud has has weirdly shaped arms since 1997. The physics of the Buster Sword relative to any of his body make no sense, hut his arms at least make sense for his waist size and general build.

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Can we please have a discussion about Biggs' arms in FF7R? They are disproportionately thin for the rest of his body.

I ordered a pizza and the guy on the phone didn't even sound high. Someone please help. I have bad food coming to my house.

I’m helping to fast track vital health research with the DreamLab app. Please join me so we can help researchers to find better treatments for COVID-19 and cancer sooner. Simply download the DreamLab app, charge your phone and help speed up vital research. vodafone.com.au/foundation/dre

I should really learn hiragana, even if I'm not going to learn Japanese it would be helpful for the phonetics alone.

I ordered some sweet masks today. Please let them come soon and please let them be awesome!

I listened to some of Bjørn Nyland's videos today. He does a really good job and he's super interacting to listen to, but he's also got one of those voices that's just relaxing. I have no idea why, but you know what I mean?

Wait, gRPC uses proto buffers? That's so old in Internet time, people will think it's new again!

We are making our first haul to Habitat for Humanity to donate things we've replaces in our basement refinishing project. That's a lot of paint samples!

T-Mobile's 5G network looks dangerous, what with all of those lasers I see in their commercials.

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