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"In my lifetime I’ve died a few times. A couple of months ago I went out; they had to bring me back twice from death. Let me tell you something: when you die you ain’t taking your wallet with you up there! You ain’t even taking your underwear! " - Uncle Howie

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printers are one fucking allegory for capitalism. it never works, has no diagnostics, is broken on purpose by manufacturers, consumes strictly licensed cartridges by the same corporation, often requires heavy as shit software that also never works, and overall has a ridiculous cost

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Here's an oxymoron for you: a11y. Just write the damn word!

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Lastly, here's a cute one: my then-two year old daughter playing with my long-sold TRS-80 Model 100.

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People will argue that using DMs on here is unsafe because the admins of servers can view it. Arguably, you should use DMs for no more than you should be using them on any platform that doesn't encrypt them end to end, like Twitter.

It's about assessing your own operational security risk. Use DMs like private messages on Slack or a forum. Use Signal or another encrypted messenger if privacy is highly important.

So I'm trying that new Mastalab version from F-Droid. It has support for profile metadata now finally \o/

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Did you know that you don't need to use link shorteners (, etc.) on Mastodon? All links, no matter how long, only count for 23 characters against your 500 limit!

(And since link shorteners are bad for user experience and break the web, there's almost no good reason to use 'em! 😄)

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Seuls ceux qui savent peuvent trouver ça drôle.

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So i sent a bug report [1] a few days ago about this i915drm panic on but was fairly clueless about the ddb output to provide.

Following @brynet advice on another distantly related issue, I have now what you can see here with the latest snapshot.

If you have in mind more infos I could add, let me know :)

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Enabled the new style notifications on (chrome://flags/#enable-message-center-new-style-notification).

It's not very readable, and i prefer the classic one ;)

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Hi everybody!

I'm primarily a writer, photographer, and musician, who also enjoys some games (the less "gamer bro"-y the better).

I recently relocated to Oregon and am still figuring out what I'm going to do out here. I previous wrote about urban planning, transit, bikes, and architecture for an alt-weekly paper in Texas, as well as did IT work at a university.

I play keyboards in indie pop band The Crystal Furs:

Looking forward to talking!

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[fr] Bonsoir à toutes.
Nous tenons à vous informer que nous venons de suspendre l’instance Cette communauté a été créée par et pour les membres de JVC,
connus pour lancer des campagnes de harcèlement.

[en] Good evening everyone.
We wanted to inform you that we just suspended This community
was created by and for JVC's members. JVC is the French equivalent of 4chan
and its member are well known for their hatred and for launching harassment


Playing with Iridium's chrome://flags. Smooth scrolling, better antialising and stuff ;)

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I am senior Python/Flask/Django and React/Redux developer, senior Linux/FreeBSD system admin and medior C++ developer, looking for a new job. Remote only, please! Got something to recommend? Thank you! #python #linux #freebsd #django #cplusplus

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For years I run firewalls using #OpenBSD pf(4). Today I've configured iptables on a Linux system:
- all packets are accepted by default
- install additional software to store firewall rules
- install additional software to get something like tables in pf(4)
- write some of the scripts yourself to get the rules stored and loaded automatically during shutdown / boot
What a crap! :flan_shout:

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Fuck Micro USB male plugs being so shitty and unreliable

Thanks to the people who recommended as a RSS reader around here, it's a fine piece of software :blobkissheart: