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Birds will just masturbate whenever like no one's business they don't care if anyone's watching but most people don't recognize what they're doing is masturbation they just think "wtf is wrong with my bird"

Big dogs are so cute when you give them peanut butter because their mouth goes "blunk blunk" when they try to lick the peanut butter off the roof of their mouth

Every once in a while I order something and the person puts an extra in the box/bag without me seeing (for the price of one) and I still don't know why

LAMP? Yeah I know LAMP:
... Pals?

how to properly wear joots?
(cw satire of gatekeeping and toxic masculinity)

when people are taking too long to get ready I start softly singing that Dora the Explorer song "c'mon, vamanos"

and yes, when im working on some kinda electronics project i do speculatively execute ebay orders

The year is 2100. C has dropped to 3rd in the TIOBE Index.

I've had this iPhone for like four years and every once in a while it buzzes with no notification and I still don't know what it's trying to tell me

@Elizafox this doesn't seem seem like C structs? maybe more like the "data" keyword of newer languages like Kotlin that tells it "this is just a plain ol' object, gimme sane defaults"

still handy though

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