the kids are flossing? the only flossing i care about is free libre open sou

No I will NOT spend the next hour watching tesseract rotations and sphere eversions again

Stardew Valley but in space with anarchists and hydroponics tbh

i do not doubt it!! they work so hard and i’m proud

whatever purpose this may serve, and whether or not it was worth doing, it is nonetheless impressive frankly

if i was a pot belly pig i would simply allow everyone to pet me and scratch my ears

Please always pretend as if i had recently sent you a message apologizing for being weird earlier

"ghosts ain't real, ghosts ain't real..." me about to beep flatly.

nutt godd 24 hour charity stream of badly explaining dimensions higher than 3

@dankwraith And they said Mastodon doesn't talk about the current US administration enough

well, you’d have to talk to one of them for more detail. all i know is every other local chain is the official <food type> of the new england patriots

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