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my version of lisp transforms (display "stuff") into <display>stuff</display>

I call it “”

An public access unix but everyone’s shell is set to this script:

exec “$0”

As I get older I feel like I get worse and worse at being able to figure out what words are Supposed to be Capitalized

@mallaidh do Androids dream of electric smooches

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electronics complaint: i don't have a robot here to smooch

@ddipaola these are the phone numbers computers use to call each other, and these computers have been calling my computer and harassing it

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@jordyd huh what's your ip protocol address number

@kimdanes I remember in middle school I opened a command prompt and some kid thought it was illegal

Just realized “an IP” is the exact opposite mistake as “an ATM machine”

officer: what's an IP? and what are all these numbers?

I'm sending all the IPs that have tried to log in via ssh to the local police department. That'll teach 'em

Before I configured sshd to drop unresponsive sessions, I would occasionally type `who` and freak bc there were more ttys than I was logged into

@thindol I don't really know, but asking someone to help me like that sounds a bit more anxiety-inducing than applications. But, I don't think my anxiety is so severe that I can't overcome it with time, I hope.