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picture of me currently as I read about how to configure LDAP

why haven't I heard of this and why isn't there an article

why did I click a link to

I see we got a new thermostat while I was away. Interesting design.

I got a picture of the mural I was talking about but it's not a good shot and I can't stop or I'll miss the plane. Unfortunately the best part (giant corn) is obscured by the car

when you're six and just learning how to write letters

I found this ARM laptop, and it comes with this disclaimer. Most honest thing I've ever seen a company say tbh

my sister sent this to a family group text and both my parents said "Huh??"

it may help to actually attach the mentioned image

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You think you're cool? Take a look at this:

"How can a spider be cute?" you ask, incredulous. I pull this photo out of my wallet:

anyone know what kind of creature inhabits this hole?

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