So it's been ~8 years since I checked last and I'm wondering: do Ogg Vorbis files actually play now?

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@jordyd what was the issue with them before? i've used them for 2 years without issue

@jordyd totally fine on linux, i think fine on macOS, no idea about windows

@er1n @jordyd Ug. I opened up "Groove Music" for this. I feel dirty now. I can't see a way to play files manually on it, and it didn't find the nightwish album I ripped to ogg a while back.

That said, it is so terrible everyone I know installs VLC, WinAMP, iTunes or something like that.

@jordyd Ogg Vorbis is so five years ago, Ogg Opus is where it's at...

@jordyd Pretty sure they play on most everything; but who uses it? XD

@jordyd oh em gee, vorbis is so out, we all use opus now?

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