Markdown is:

1. Transparent. /Commonly-used/ symbols do what you would expect them to.

53. Intuitive. Lists are numbered in order, even when you explicitly specify a different order.

3. Flexible. HTML can be embedded as long as you don’t actually need it:

<div class=“silent-error”>

This is a code block for some reason! Exciting!


@jordyd btw it appears mastodon stripped the leading spaces from my code block example, which is generally what one wants when one explicitly puts spaces before text

@starbreaker it’s funny you say that since I was once a big fan of python :) it’s even funnier that Python already had reStructuredText (created for python documentation, in fact) when markdown appeared

@jordyd My hypothesis is that John Gruber either didn't know about reStructuredText, thought it was too complex for his fellow Mac weenies, or was suffering from NIH syndrome.

@starbreaker I miss XP because I could make jokes about the UI being designed by Fischer-Price

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