Are genders finite? If not, are they countable?

@jordyd genders are countable, but because sexualities can be defined as P(G2) where G is the countably infinite set of genders, the set of sexualities is uncountably infinite.

this implies the existence of uncomputable sexualities. in this essay, i wi

@hazel @jordyd
It has been conjectured in the existing literature on the topic (e.g. @hazel, 2021) that the set of genders may be [at most] countable, but recent developments in representation and type theories have led some to privately speculate this may not be the case. In this paper, we develop a novel technique which we will utilise to construct an injective map from the unit interval into the class of genders, thus concluding that the class of genders is in fact uncountable. We then speculate on the open questions of the precise cardinality of this class, as well as the foundational question of whether the collection of genders is, in fact, a set.

@cephie @jordyd I mean I guess the question boils down to "can you construct a gender from a collection of other genders", right? since if so, you can apply something similar to the diagonal argument, in which case it is uncountable

@cephie @jordyd I mean -- is the set of genders isomorphic to the set of strings, which is isomorphic to N? are there indescribable genders?


@hazel @cephie Ftr I don't have any investment in the answer to the original question. I just saw an opportunity to mess w you and I took it

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