Which of these have syntax

Which of these have syntax (edgy version)

The fact that programming languages are universally agreed to have syntax but natural languages are not is astonishing to me tbh

Perhaps not so astonishing given this is

@jordyd THIS one's spicy… while non-oral gestures are "paralinguistic" in modern spoken language, it's likely IMO that oral gestures were marginal in a similar way in early examples of natural language (as they are today in signed natural languages), and even though gestures are neither as linguistically-rich as the oral components they coincide with or the signed languages that use the same organs of articulation, I'd argue that gestures do have some syntax

@jordyd if it were "dance" rather than "art" I would say on gut instinct that dance is intrinsically syntactic even if not formalized

@byttyrs The last two options were "2 is too few but I can't think of more"

@jordyd I voted for all four but I'm least confident in musical notation. mathematical notation is marginal too, but I think anything with order of operations must as-such have some level of syntactic structure.

@byttyrs I would argue that mathematical notation has approximately as much syntax as programming languages, tho it's in an odd position because it's not nearly as formal as for programming languages and tends to be more fluid. It also has a "two dimensional" component to it, which to me is syntactic insofar as it can be translated into a "flat" version which ticks all the boxes of a formal syntax. But this is all like, from a CS perspective

@jordyd I'd agree, and 2D-ness doesn't seem like such an obstacle to me given that the highly-canonical linguistic syntax of signed languages is 3D; simultaneity is a part of syntax, although it's one that can be hard to model and parse

@byttyrs That is fascinating to me cause I only know syntax in a very specific context and dimensions do not really make sense in that context

@jordyd im now wondering what people think the word "syntax" means

@jordyd these all have syntax! otherwise death waltz wouldn't be a thing

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