I have never read a more condescending error message (it expects 3, I provided 2)

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@jordyd @er1n someone please rewrite all compiler errors to be rude

“Line 86: Syntax Error: How about you just not forget to put a ; at the end of your statements for once?”

@halcy @jordyd @er1n I have a theory this would reduce error rate as it makes the error more memorable

@sjb @halcy @jordyd @er1n Also, it might stop people programming or using computers, which is Good.

@jordyd "run 'menhir fix' to correct the issue, then 'menhir jobs' to find a better engineer than $USER"

@jordyd So, the mistake could be that you provided 2 arguments at the call site instead of 3; or: the mistake could be that whoever defined the function should have accepted 2 arguments instead of 3. Hmm...

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