Sometimes once I understand something I forget the misconceptions I had in the first place

It's so obvious. How could past me from one hour ago not see this

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@jordyd @nonphatic i remember my prof was saying how it took forever for people to get substitution right but now it seems pretty trivial

*cough* dynamic scope *cough*

@iitalics @nonphatic This is not really related but I’m tired so now it is. Take a look at this spicy quote

@jordyd @iitalics He's one to speak, I remember downloading Hindley's and Milner's papers on this and Hindley's was incomprehensible
Then again I guess his background was more logic

@nonphatic @iitalics You ever think about how cool the name “Tarksi” is

@jordyd @iitalics names ranked from coolest to least cool:

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