When I was in my early teens I thought I’d get arrested if the government found out I looked at porn online

@LongTomSilver @wxcafe If you say “statute of limitations” to a cop they can’t arrest you or it’s entrapment

@jordyd @LongTomSilver well they have to check the statute and then calculate the date and since they can’t read or count...

@LongTomSilver @jordyd so you’re saying all proof is gone but you admit to the crime? I’m calling the porn cop as we speak and giving him a screenshot of this conversation

@jordyd @LongTomSilver ah fuck! That’s what you call a uh, a catch-22. In French 22 is the call used for warning of incoming cops, too

@jordyd @LongTomSilver it’s basically like 5-O. Then it goes a bit into possible origins for the expressions

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