@spineberg @jordyd [Open plan office]

Me: [chanting] ,

Other programmers: ,

Project Manager: [pounding their whiteboard] , , !

@nonphatic @jordyd

/* How to subtly screw with people by making a tiny percentage of if statements mysteriously fail */
#define if(x) if((x) & 0xF7)

@jordyd putting the index outside the square brackets, array inside


@jordyd trending among #perl programmers
- #!/usr/bin/perl
- who I kidding,
- this is a pretty lame
- add-on to your joke

#ifdef notdef

This is one of my favourites (and gives me nightmares)


@brethil @jordyd

Why use // and /**/ for comments when you can flex on them haters and just
#if 0

@jordyd trending among rust programmers:

- #[test]
- #[derive(Debug)]
- #[macro_use]

@jordyd it's always bothered me that there's no elifdef tbh

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