students, emailing me: Dear Professor,

me, sitting naked in bed eating cookies out of a bag: lol

@nonphatic @peemobil
wait is peemo really a professor for real like in real life (like really)?

@jordyd @peemobil yeah but to add on to that I've always wondered who do you teach??

@nonphatic @jordyd i'm still a grad student, but i'm teaching an intro drawing class. so i'm not actually a professor, but my students seem to insist on calling me that anyways lol

@peemobil @nonphatic
ahhh ok, i was like “wow he’s really young for a professor”


@peemobil @nonphatic
i’d probably call you professor too tbh. hard habit to break

@jordyd @peemobil all my professors introduce themselves by first name (except for one) so I don't even call my professors by professor lol

@nonphatic @peemobil
all professors’ first names are “Professor”

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