Question for users: I'm attempting to use Krita for pixel art and I was wondering if there was any way to show a scaled down version of the file I'm editing somewhere in the window as I work?

true that it might be annoying.
If it doesn't (i don't know, because i don't use krita) you can try GraphicsGale: dedicated to pixel art and entirely free now.

Doesn't it work with linux?
i thought it did.
Well...apologies for wasting your time 😉

No worries, it's not like I spent hours figuring that out lmao. The only way it could work on Linux/macOS is to run it in WINE, but that's not something I like to do tbh

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Hi, Pixel art multiview setup in #krita :

1. Activate Subwindows mode in the settings instead of tabs (in General Windows). Then restart Krita.
2. In Windows > New view > (your file) , open as many new view, and do Windows > Tile.

Example with three viewport of same document at various zoom level :

@davidrevoy @jordyd
I have no excuse to download krita now, have i?😉

@jordyd like a preview of your finished work? There’s a preview pane you can pop out under Settings>Dockers>Overview

I tried this, and it ~kind of~ works for what I want. But I have no way of scaling the preview itself.

Consider Aseprite (picture attached). The preview obviously isn't pixel-per-pixel, and it's scaled up using nearest-neighbor to avoid blurring the picture (pixel art usually needs special treatment when resizing). This is much more accurate depiction of what it will look like finished bc with pixel art you generally resize it to retain the pixely feeling on high DPI screens.

@jordyd ahh, unfortunately I don't know how to adjust the preview beyond resizing the window 😕

I was hoping to replace Aseprite with Krita since Aseprite apparently abandoned the GPL, but it looks like I might not be able to do that currently

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