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jorty (deprecated aspect) @jordyd

I have four dogs and I talk to each of them with a different voice

It's the voice I imagine they'd have if they were people

Our biggest dog, who is all around very chill, gets my actual normal voice of course

@dog I never would have expected that from your profile pic or username

In order:
- Fancy the pit bull (butch girl)
- Taffy the small unknown white breed (femme girl)
- Putz the Australian cattle dog (boy, masc-leaning)
- Hero the pug (boy, femme-leaning)

@dog yeah they're all very well behaved, mostly

@dog not due to any expert training on our part they're just kind souls full of love

@dog Fancy has that thing around her neck because she has a hotspot on her belly and we don't want her licking it

@dog Also, Hero is a twink in spirit, if not in body