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One time I tripped over a speed bump while walking and said "gotta go fast"

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Macros can be useful but I feel like we should ban certain people from touching them.

For example, imagine if someone were to use the C preprocessor to create an elaborate object orientation system for C, calling it GObject, and then create an entire graphics stack up to and including a desktop environment, called, say, GNOME.

I think that's the kind of person who should no longer be allowed to use the C preprocessor.

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I think the most important lesson to learn from free software is that after people have enough money to put food on the table they're willing to put time into something with no monetary benefit

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You: Intel architecture
Me: Actually, Intel is the manufacturer. You're thinking of Intel's monster.

We live in the future where we have to block robots from following us.

i humbly offer my toot up to the fedeity. "please, sir," i murmur, on my knees before the gamer king, "may i have some boosts?" Eugen gazes upon me with cold indifference and seizes the offering. his mask disappears to reveal Nutt Godd. i have been deceived. the timeline crumbles, a whirlwind of likes and reply guys rips into the sky, a CW slams into me, killing me instantly

Ope...pardon me, just gonna scootch on past ya there

if you wanna find me shout into your nearest tree

if you’re not poking your belly and saying “squish” what are you even doing with your life

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The ducks had their chance.
This thing, crawling over the landscape after you, honking.

commie domme voice: I'm not a boss, I'm bossy

might fuck around later and invent a new logical fallacy

wikipedia feels the need to deadname all trans people but fails to inform the public that bill wurtz's full name is William James Wurtz II

if u cry on a mostly empty bus will the bus driver pull into taco bell for you

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