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TODO: things to defeat in hand-to-hand combat 

1. [_] The real numbers -- pending other engagements
2. [x] Classical logic, LEM
3. [~] Set theory -- turned out to be a case of mistaken identity, see (2)
4. [x] John Major -- apparently some British politician? Defeated in any case
5. [~] Cubical type theory -- another case of mistaken identity, see (6), (7)
6. [_] The univalence principle
7. [_] Category theory

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When you think about it, everything is either a frog or some other thing

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lawyer: Your Honor,—
me as a judge: (bangs gavel) No. Shut up and go away.

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You: Intel architecture
Me: Actually, Intel is the manufacturer. You're thinking of Intel's monster.

if you ever meet anyone who calls you out for a "logical fallacy", stay away from them. the most boring people in the world

joint pain joint pain. whatcha gonna do. whatcha gonna do oof ow goddamnit

the top 1% of functions hold 99% of the recursion!

I slam the alarm button. Instantly, armor drops over the doors and windows as a klaxon sounds. "Alert. Danish user sighted. Alert. Danish user sighted. Alert."

i do not consent to knowing things, let alone being taught things

"we live in a society.... of the spectacle" - guy debord

alexa, remind me on January 20th to toot 'new president just dropped'

St Augustine... I think that's the one I don't like. It was one of them. Or maybe it was Aquinas

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