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TODO: things to defeat in hand-to-hand combat 

1. [_] The real numbers -- pending other engagements
2. [x] Classical logic, LEM
3. [~] Set theory -- turned out to be a case of mistaken identity, see (2)
4. [x] John Major -- apparently some British politician? Defeated in any case
5. [~] Cubical type theory -- another case of mistaken identity, see (6), (7)
6. [_] The univalence principle
7. [_] Category theory

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When you think about it, everything is either a frog or some other thing

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lawyer: Your Honor,—
me as a judge: (bangs gavel) No. Shut up and go away.

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You: Intel architecture
Me: Actually, Intel is the manufacturer. You're thinking of Intel's monster.

Knowledge is just absence of not knowing things

okay i started saying malewife ironically

Descartes' wicked demon and Maxwell's demon are involved in a closed quantum experiment measuring whether or not they are gay. If they kiss and light from that kiss passes through a double slit revealing that light is a particle, a hammer will smash a vial containing its own trolley problem in some way impacted by heat such that Maxwell's demon becomes relevant. If the light is a wave, then they are safe, but Maxwell's demon will be interviewed such that its experience kissing the wicked demon will no longer seem to have an ontologically consistent basis; this eventually would lead to Maxwell's demon becoming enlightened. In this scenario, is it ethical to disclose particle-wave duality beforehand knowing that it could cause them not to kiss, which may result in Maxwell's demon remaining in Samsara?

i relate to the cnn bomb because i, too, am assemblage of unrelated parts fitted together in an inexplicable manner which, while having a certain purposefulness to it, certainly isn't helped in that purpose by its odd way of construction

A trolley is careening down a set of tracks. The tracks are behind a blind at the center of a circular prison such that each prisoner knows they are potentially involved in a trolley problem without being able to confirm at any given time whether the trolley is aimed at them. In this case, would it then be ethical to lie if the trolley came to the door asking for information that could reveal the whereabouts of a prisoner, knowing the likely outcome? oh i know this one! i choose to swap to the third trolley, improving my chances of winning to 2/3

Trolly problem. One side has 300 oranges priced at 5 cents each or smth idk. The other has 100 bananas at uh 7 cents each. Maxwell's demon is flipping the lever haphazardly. What is the expected value of the goods after the trolley has either passed over one of the tracks or spun off into the grass

@jordyd what if i have a gun. can i have a gun in this problem

@ItsMorgan Yes. But Maxwell's demon also has a gun and who knows what he'll do next

trolley problem: is that a face? is it looking at you? you feel something stir deep inside your soul. there is something that you dont know you know

trolley problem: you have tied people into the tracks and are about to plough thru them on your kickass trolley but some miscreant looks liable to divert you. how do you prevent this

trolley problem: the trolley is heading towards an empty track, but if you pull the lever then you will get a sandwich, but doing that will also make it run over 6 people

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