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TODO: things to defeat in hand-to-hand combat 

1. [_] The real numbers -- pending other engagements
2. [x] Classical logic, LEM
3. [~] Set theory -- turned out to be a case of mistaken identity, see (2)
4. [x] John Major -- apparently some British politician? Defeated in any case
5. [~] Cubical type theory -- another case of mistaken identity, see (6), (7)
6. [_] The univalence principle
7. [_] Category theory

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When you think about it, everything is either a frog or some other thing

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lawyer: Your Honor,—
me as a judge: (bangs gavel) No. Shut up and go away.

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You: Intel architecture
Me: Actually, Intel is the manufacturer. You're thinking of Intel's monster.

'damn dudes are hot. i love fucking dudes'
— plato, symposium

@geet if jfk hadn't been such a liberal, he could have simply obliterated the shooters with a sniper rifle

lincoln would be around today if he was allowed to bring a gun of his own into that theater

1: "We need another word for 'function'"
2: "Idk, just like, fuck it up or whatever"

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I'm of the opinion T-rexes looked like gigantic sparrows.

At least when space scientists get it wrong it's like "there's no noticeable change, we just classified it as not a planet and now everyone's upset"

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Every day bone scientists are finding out new things about dinosaurs and it's like "ah shit, everything I learned about these fellas is wrong now"

Sometimes you get the news you didn't know you absolutely needed to know

a monad is just a little guy that gets right up in there

Idk how to do those timed posts. I wish to time a post which says "happy 9/11" on 9/11. So when 9/11 rolls around, just pretend I made that post, since I will surely forget

we are ready for a sequel to 9/11. we are ready for 9/12

real talk tho tyrannosaurs were just big chickens. i've known this for years and every new discovery backs it

It also took me forever to realize that "functional programming" and the "functionals" of math were related, so take this with a grain of salt

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