Remember when we had journalists asking questions and reporting the news?
RT leaked from within the Libs Offices. discussion working paper that outlines media strategies for the forthcoming fed election to be called on the 16 or 23 March,
This docu takes one into the heart and mind of the Lib strategists, the evolving plan is as clear as crystal.


Prompt to use Android Messages for Web is starting to hit more phones now - Ausdroid

Nvidia uses artificial intelligence to fake realistic slow-motion video - The Verge

How to Apologize After an Email Marketing Snafu | Campaign Monitor

Introducing Opera Touch, a Mobile Browser for Large Devices | Webdesigner Depot

Hmm. GDPR compliance for small business websites outside the EU with no budget? Might be easiest to just block access and display a message to EU IPs Other suggestions?

I suspect that the Russia ban thing has lead to a massive surge in Telegram use globally.

Does anyone publish usage or other stats stats to compare the different software/projects that make up the fediverse?

Google My Business Pages Can Now Include Service Menus - Search Engine Journal

"The more you tighten your grip, Tarkin, the more star systems will slip through your fingers." except that star systems are groups of people and the place they slip through to are Mastodon instances.

Has anyone written or read a roundup of apps and services that integrate with mastodon. Either for users or for instance admins? Link?

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