Anyone have good search engine recommendations outside of the mainstream (google, ddg, bing) ?

Just logged into Pinboard after... a while. I completely forgot that I set up my Twitter faves to sync there as a reading list, and imported all my bookmarks years ago. What a glorious mess

Still not loving the tweetdeck front end here. I know there are a multitude of mobile apps, but what about web front ends? Can I, say, oauth into a different UI?

I'm venting here since no one follows me on Twitter either.

Current status:
Afternoon drinking coffee, trying not to make eye contact with the guy working on the scaffolding right outside my window.

Got in some job applications today. I am bad at being unemployed. I sit and think about how the world could be better instead of working to make my own life better.

Binge watching Maciej Ceglowski presentations.

Looking for good recipes for stuffing for pseudo-Thanksgiving tomorrow.

And finally, another magazine / book publisher I wasn't familiar with gets added to the reading list:

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"I suspect that cyberpunks are to the 1990s what the beatniks were to the '60s - harbingers of a mass movement waiting in the wings. Just as the beatniks anticipated the hippies, cyberpunks are setting the stage for a coming digital counterculture that will turn the '90s zeitgeist utterly on its head. This movement in the making has yet to be described, much less named, but eerie parallels between the beatnik and cyberpunk movements offer strong hints of what is to come."

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Superb commentary from Maynard Handley (is that you @handleym99 ?) on the topic of digital extinction vs. other narratives that can explain which digital systems survive today:

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Brand now describes himself as “post-libertarian”... " ‘Whole Earth Catalog’ was very libertarian, but that’s because it was about people in their twenties, and everybody then was reading Robert Heinlein and asserting themselves and all that stuff,” Brand said. “We didn’t know what government did. The whole government apparatus is quite wonderful, and quite crucial. [It] makes me frantic, that it’s being taken away.”

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Too much good stuff on the timeline this morning. Going offline for productivity, but here are some highlights:

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