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@jamey my plan is, after I raid the seed vault and fry them in the last remaining seal fat, I'll boot up templeOS.

At least *that* will be archived in full.

hmm, maybe it says that if that's already on their list of domains that they fully archive. It also says blacklisted when I put in a git repo.

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Actually I found this

But when I put in a git repo from, I get "the provided origin url is blacklisted". Wha?

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While the Internet Archive does have good APIs, it's still obnoxious that both these orgs are privelidging the github pipeline, thus providing one more incentive to use github.

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I'm still waiting BTW, for Software Heritage to provide a way for a git repo not on github to be archived.

I've been waiting for years.

Currently the only way I have to get code into their archive is to get the code into Debian.

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Debian won't be included either, same reason. Maybe there's some linux distro that will be, as a coherent whole, not a vast array of random repos and forks?

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If you're doing a very long term software archive, you might want to think about bootstapping.

guix has. guix will not be included, because they have the good taste to not use github. (Well, I found a 4 year old mirror of it on there.)

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"a lot of money to change the google results for Github ICE" probably sums this up.

Still, I have thoughts.

return $ return $ return () -- actual code I didn't mean to write

2 inches of snow. Normally I might see this much by xmas. Fall leaves still on the trees.

can I reply to a gitlab issue email to comment on the issue?

the reply-to being noreply@localhost does not fill me with confidence that it will work

oh no I got to talking about fruit trees and I seem to have ordered a kaffir lime and a weird varigated kumquat

I think fruit trees may be addictive

the storm winds blew all the leaves down all at once, but only where hills didn't block them.. so the roads alternate completely carpeted with bare

my halloween excitement: Tornado alert while having lunch, crowded into a back room with the proprietors and their kids

followed by getting stuck atop a mountain by a tree in the road until a truck came along and pulled it clear

why do you think every single actually exciting web replacent tech looks more like www 1.0 than your hairball of weaponized js?

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cachable, revolutionary, secure, enpowering. web 1.0 was anything but boring. Until you corporates.

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