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Only in silence the word,
Only in dark the light,
Only in dying life:
Bright the hawk's flight
On the empty sky.
– the Creation of Éa

by Ursula K. Le Guin, 1929-2018


So, Amazon is bringing us a future where you can't eat if you refuse to run proprietary spyware?

Just back from workshop at a super amazing sustainable offgrid zero fossil fuel community.

Wisdom teeth extraction 4 days away.

Wow, there's gonna be a functional programming conference in Knoxville, just over the mtn from me.

I'm learning this about temperature sensors: Once you have a few, you just want more.

Configfs support for device tree overlays has still not landed in mainstream ?

There seems to be no reasonable way to add something to device tree on Debian other than rebuilding the whole thing. Ugh.

Wait, javascript is still single-threaded? Mind blown. Also been haskelling too long.

(My mind while reading <

Postal service delivered a package to the driver's seat of my car. a) Was not aware my car has a mailing address b) car was parked right in front of my house so WTF?

I'm wondering, for example, if the branch predictor could take the page table/TLB into account, thus preventing one process from poisoning its predictions for another process.

(Also, I know bumpkiss about CPU design. I actually managed to fail a college class on it. True story.)

What's your over-under on the generation-after-next of processors from either Intel, AMD, or Arm being designed to avoid Spectre attacks?

I'm seeing a whole lot of acceptance of the status quo in discussion of CPU design and Spectre, but the status quo has a way of changing.

Benchmarked git status at 5.5% slower due to meltdown mitigation.

On the plus side, if we're all in a simulation, looks increasingly likely we can break out.

Seems appropriate today to remember that we're building things out of sand here.

Enjoying fast syscalls on intel hardware while I still can.

12F outside, batteries at 35F, and I'm at 2 comforters and as yet no 2018 fire.

Watched the NYC ball drop for 1st time in years and got some culture shock.. Mostly from CNN cutting to a Denver pot-party where their reporter proceeded to hand out a THC drink to some people live on air (CNN cut away from that in a hurry). Also such big screens in times sq and such hollow frenticness.

In the world of my cat, the armpit is the gateway to the warm world of under the covers. Even if the armpit is not near any covers.

"Do we have a second radioactive source in the audience?" -- how to win at demo

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