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ordered a Lenovo Yoga 710, hope I don't regret it

also the mirror laptops should be subtly .. evil

usb-c could be the solution to that, but only if they routed the incoming power from plugs on both sides. somehow I doubt it?

laptops should come in mirror image variants. Nothing more annoying than the power plug being on the wrong side

So Lenovo stopped using the square "slim" power plugs.. All my old power adapters gonna be useless. Hmm, maybe a good point to switch from Lenovo to another brand?

laptop ssd has started corrupting random files, dying.. looking for a new laptop

So, I entered the wrong wallet phrase in electrum, and that old, abandoned wallet had bitcoin dust in it

Kind of like gold dust. I may have to pay taxes on it.

Oh good greif, someone sent me bitcoin. Now I have to cash it out to avoid risky currency speculation, and then feel bad if bitcoin price later reaches the oort cloud or whatever

100% 28.08V 120.74W

Happy solar power system.. The command stands for either home power or hit points.

I once again fail at responsible disclosure. 100% security irresponsible here and proud of it.

@Liberapay meant to address this thread to you, see above

(Other than exploiting your login form as an oracle, which is currently possible but I'm not going to do for real obvs)

Hey @liberapay I've redirected some of my patreons over to you. Problem is, only half of them seem to have actually started using you, and I don't know which half.

I realize that you obscure donor information for a reason, but it would be very helpful to have a limited way to check if an email address is currently even signed up at liberapay at all, especially in this migration situation.


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