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Read an article that claims Banksy can't use copyright because he's anonymous.

Is there any legal basis for that? I know of code copyright by anonymous people in major linux distributions..

8 loads of laundy, 1 thread full of pissed off users and rhetorical tactics that make me grit my teeth

plus new dental implants, so ow

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I'm talking about shit like dangling ground wires, wires cut absurdly short, light fixtures that are secured to the ceiling only with plaster, wire scews with exposed wire out the back, ....

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do electricians hate the quality of all past work (including their own), or am I bringing a programmer's mindset to it?

me: Need to recover from minor operation, taking a long weekend and vegging out

also me: Proceeds to spend 5 hours rewiring electrical outlets and stuff

free business plan: GPDR resorts in eastern europe

if google bans your account for a TOS violation, do they delete all their tracking data on you?

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@joeyh we notice you are running an ad blocker. Please allowlist this coke can to continue

just noticed that drink cans are right hander biased, so the logo is optimally visible

this is the one instance where being left handed is an automatic win because you get to block avertising just by being you

does not make up for scissors

Github: "we use the same overarching policy framework as Microsoft"

That's so say, embrace, extend, extinguish. And deeply authoritarian & rent seeking.

There is is in black and white internal email for anyone who had a shadow of a doubt.

git commit -m "work around windows having infected git's plumbing" && shudder && shutdown -h now

so yeah, I actually did file a bug, I hope they don't hate me

I think my method proposed in there will allow detecting any possible terminal size, although if the terminal gets big enough (perhaps moon-sized), it could take some time

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found some code that assumes a terminal will be no bigger than 999x999

hmm, I wonder..

Project 62 Valencia lamp wasting 2.5 watts.

at least the circuit board that connects live AC to a metal plate on an ungrounded frame does have decent isolation :P

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luckily I rewire all lamps in my house as soon as I buy them, to convert to 24v dc

this lamp will end up using less power while ON than it did while off in the factory configuration

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that's a touch plate switch, so the lamp contains a hidden black box with a microcontroller that sits in a tight loop waiting to detect your finger

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