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bought a floor lamp, which has a touch plate

I measured the lamp wasting 2.2 watts when OFF

That's half the power my laptop uses.

the part of my dead cubietruck that was getting very hot was actually its fuse!

How does a fuse fail such that it's burning hot to the touch?!

C132 (or R67) was super hot. Seems to just be a smoothing capacitor, but I tried removing it and the power supply is still dead.

Perhaps the fuse also blew?

wierd, both power sources are 5v, but I guess it has a different circuit for the 5v barrel jack than USB OTG

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before coffee, had to diagnose a cubietruck with a blown power regulator

luckily I have a spare board

hmm, the bad one still works from usb power

this is very weird.. I follow RMS's blog rss feed, and yesterday he (or someone) posted:

"I hereby step down as head of the GNU Project, effective immediately."

But the post has been deleted from his site since then.

This is going to injure or kill child pedestrians.

The cars can't reliably detect them, and the "driver" can't see them over intervening vehicles.

how some stupid blog post of mine is on the front page of HN right now when EVERY IPHONE BOOTLOADER GOT CRACKED TODAY is not, I will never understand

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best debian version number evar?

finally figured out that the "mh" CW is not for the mh command-line mail reader from 1979

obviously that code is horrific, but perl is at least stull useful for compactly expressing disgust

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so tempting right now to add sleep 1000 if `hostname` =~/.* to some code or other

Read Snowden's memior last night. Best part is where he compares himself to Bobbin Threadbare (not making this up)!

If anyone I know wants to read but is not game about the US seizing the money to buy it, happy to pass my hardback copy on.

I like how Seth Vargo's principled stand shows how to leverage common poor technical choices.

Companies gonna centralize, it's a total blind spot, so may as well use it against them.

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ICE, uspol, chef(?) 

apparently chef is cool doing devops work for ICE looks like i'll be cancelling a contract with them tomorrow

> If you care about the future of free software, this is the most important time to get involved in the last 25 years.

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