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note to self: If feeling pretty tired and unable to finish a feature today, implement the purely functional part of it, test that, and defer wiring it up into the IO code until the next day

seems to squeeze out an extra half hour or so of useful development

woo hoo, I can type again!

Only cost $500, because modern laptops.

i give up, gonna have o sop ping anhing unil m rreplacementt keyyboard arrives on uesda

When you write "(Rationalization is a powerful drug.)" in your personal log.

I guess they did kick it out of testing, and it seems it never made it into stable so it's only in unstable..

not very surprised that the electrum bitcoin wallet has a html injection vuln that is being actively exploited by phishers

every time I've looked at its code I've found something or otther that seems very dodgy security-wise

i am a little susprised this bug has gone unfixed in the debian package for over 3 months though

now I have something that does not affect the laptop at all (except it doesn't stay closed well) but that I will constantly annoy myself fiddling with


opened laptop and cleaned around the keyboard cable, seems it may have improved keyboard issues.. but I bent part of the case by the trackpad

this despite having a spudging tool assortment right out of shenzhen

see shy jo boosted

Left: MIT computer scientist Katie Bouman w/stacks of hard drives of black hole image data.

Right: MIT computer scientist Margaret Hamilton w/the code she wrote that helped put a man on the moon.

(image credit

#EHTblackhole #BlackHoleDay #BlackHole


the multiple flubs just make it better

it's a "one small step for .. a man" kind of day

typical morning, just staring at a black hole

NOT SKEEVY AT ALL airbnb listing I found:

"Our nature lodge forms an old school fraternal environment that is full of energy, studying, and hazing rituals.

If you are looking to blow off some steam or escape your family for your old college glory days this is the room for you!"

Also it appears to literally be a bed in a pantry.

My order of Spring got delayed at some border crossing. Amazon primed a new rush order, should arrive today. Fingers crossed.

(I realize that "anticometitive" == "unicorn opportunity" these days, but still: Fuck that.)

Re Cloudflare VPN, it's anticompetitive to run a VPN when you control so much HTTP traffic that you can and have made other VPNs painful to use for years (eg blocking Tor)

"All those things are easier to provide when someone is accessing a Cloudflare customer through their phone running Warp."

Accidental cut-n-paste from Cloudflare investor prospectus?

"There are few companies that have the breadth, reach, scale, and flexibility of Cloudflare's network. We don’t believe there are any such companies that aren't primarily motivated by selling user data or advertising."

You know what, Cloudflare, I don't belive there are eny either. Including you.

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