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(I've worked 12+ hrs/day for the past 5 days, that after a normal work week.)

utterly exhausted, and just found out this insane push I'm on for the past 5 days, and which I thought was just about over, is going to go on twice as long as I thought

plz send moral support

is this really how embargoed security holes are communicated to distros these days?

Lack of https support on a page with a gpg public key supposed to be used to encrypt security hole reports 😮

(And the WOT paths to the only person to have signed that key are not great either.)

may also happen on Mondays. Oh wait, I mean Tuesdays.

The "time leak" is my new favorite category of bug. Happens in FRP implementations.

said the functional programmer, completely ambiguously

deployed the chopsticks of snake handling, snake will be ok

my stupid cat doesn't even flinch when a snake threatens to strike

my crazy cat just broght a black snake into my bedroom

so when this dodgy usb modbus adapter glitches out,
power to my whole house shuts down while the watchdog reboots it

teh future!

after some soldering and 140 lines of haskell, I have a crockpot that can be controlled by cron(1), but that otherwise runs whenever there's solar power going to waste, as a water heater

Pleased to see this pissed HN off. How you know you're onto something.

mastadon needs either throttling of notification bleeps, or it needs to use them to play 8-bit chiptunes. Just saying.

the single most important criteria when replacing Github

Consider all the data that's used to provide the value-added features on top of git. Issue tracking, wikis, notes in commits, lists of forks, pull requests, access controls, hooks, other configuration, etc.

Is that data stored in a git repository?

course, the features you get access to by meeting those criteria are also not free software due to the Open Core, so..

"Open source projects: any project that uses a standard open source license and is non-commercial. It should not have paid support or paid contributors."

-- gitlab demonstrates ... something ... about their understanding of free software.

After someone stole money out of my Wells Fargo account, it fell below the minimum balance.

So, Well Fargo charged it a service fee. Two months in a row. After the fradulent transactions had already been reversed.

The second service fee was because the first service fee caused the account to fall below minumum balance again. Third service fee expected..

Obviously, I'm closing the account, it was only open in a failed attempt to get my Liberapay income transferred.

Given 's success at embracing and extending git, and Microsoft's well-documented E&E aspirations, I wonder to what extent this is a talent aquisition?

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