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I think it's safe to say I have a smart ffridge now, just look at the thing:

controller[2228]: OverallStatus: [Sunny,InverterStatus (SetTo (PowerSetting True)),FridgeStatus NotKnown,FridgeThoughts "Motor is too warm, not starting! Otherwise, would be: banking cold on a sunny day (battery is not full yet, but should be soon) (+1.69C from freezing): Nothing"]

Wells Fargo bank can only accept transfers of USD to their SWIFT.

To transfer Euro to them, it has to go via an intermediary bank (Deutschebank), with the beneficiary bank and their SWIFT, and my account name and account number all included in the transfer instructions.

I also tried Transferwise; to send Euros to my account there, the transfer has to include a reference number that they provide.

No way to do any of that with the form, so my EUR is stuck currently.

My fridge control software now includes "Banana.split". It must be perfect now.

. o O (Would it be evil if my program, when compiled on Linux, ran powershell.exe to open an url, if it's in PATH?)

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Debian. noun. Thing you install from the Windows Store to make "bash" work. (2018 usage)

Update on this, I tried the withdrawal to Wells Fargo's SWIFT; it was rejected with "please contact our Finance Team", which sounds like a Wells Fargo kind of thing to say, so I think that @Liberapay's changes are working to some extent.

Still yet to see the money. I'll go talk to the Wells Fargo international transfers division now, ugh.

@liw do you have any advice for machine-parsable error messages?

(across programming language boundaries)

"knows enough C to be dangerous" is a phrase that denotes any possible unit of information regarding C.

So then, then might "ₖC" be an information-free unit of measurement of information?

I seem to have flown 231000+ miles. (c)OOps.

Succeeded in getting my solar powered freezer conversion to run in a good fridge temp range, **without** ever running from battery power.

At least over the past 2 days.

Much cooler than powerwall.

May 17 10:25:51 honeybee controller[16100]: Debug fridge thoughts: keep doing what I've been doing: Nothing

My fridge is a procrastinator.

Anyone know a good API for US weather forcasts, specifically insolation prediction for next 24 hours?

Live coding my fridge. Most fridges have one control knob, I have like 20 and also GADTs.

fridgetris is a game where you shop for a week's food that can just barely cram into a dorm-sized fridge while still having a good amount of fresh food.

I reached level 7 (years). I rarely lost.

Game over.

Fired up my offgrid fridge for the first time, and hoping the solar panels can keep up with it on this rainy day.

Re "efail" , it's perhaps worth noting that gpg does have bugs in this area, and it's actively being fixed, despite conter-reactions you may have read yesterday.

See and

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