is there anything nicer than friends showing you their library?

car to plane to bus to train

I so prefer train

so I heard the sysop of some BBS discovered TCP/IP today?

when an event has an ascii art map you know it's gonna be good!


another 5 thousand lines of code changed, another 30% speedup

aaargh, I hate optimisation so much

wrote a test suite today that tests 4 million cases, using under 100 lines of code

quickcheck is so nice sometimes..

the candies are hollowed out and do contain refined chemicals inside, but that's salamiakki for you..

have to wonder what my NRA loving neighbors think about packages arriving from Finland wth "candy" on the customs declaration and being dropped off at their porch because UPS has decided I live there, and me hurrying down to collect

(any reasonable person would assume it's just drugs bought with crypro)

"a software" I seem to be hearing this usage more often?

perhaps a simple case of this is that "..\0" could bypass tests for input == ".."

wondering if there's a class of security holes affecting languages that use a data structure for filenames that allows a NUL.

Since NUL is not allowed in unix filenames, making syscalls with such a filename will typically truncate it before the NUL.

So, an attacker can provide a string containing a NUL, the program writes out a different file than it thought it did, and that confusion results in explotable behavior.

Anyone know of any exploits like this?

Scuttlebutt Considered Harmful 

see shy jo boosted

“Scalpel!” may be scary to hear while lying on the table, but “screwdriver!” yields its own little existential shiver.

@dredmorbius nah, spent most of it just keeping warm on the upside of the wok

@Greg same kind of expert that I was in computer programming by the time I graduated high school

(which might be the appeal of the 10k hours meme)

sometime this year I passed 10 thousand hours of time spent stir-frying

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