protip: If someone files a bug report you don't like and don't want to deal with and the bug report is getting unwanted attention, don't redirect the bug url to your home page.

me: taking a day off, just lazing around and making travel plans

(proceeds to chainsaw and hand-haul firewood out of the woods for 2 hrs)

8%/12%/7%/4%/8%/7%/8% faster operations... I suppose the past 2 weeks were worth it?

Honestly I stuggle to find motivation for optimisations unless they're at least 2 orders of magnitude..

man, I'm going to run out of power before I do my daily git push

still alive.. just my daily activity pulse is gonna have to wait

@cwebber @nothingmuch @jim

closed but only by documentation, unless they later also increased the number of channels?

@cwebber @nothingmuch @jim no, by inspecting the protocol. Known issue, not really fixable IIRC

@nothingmuch @jim @cwebber it's a good bit of kit indeed.

But... It was possible to DOS attack it, at least last time I checked several years ago.

@algernon "Please print this email then take a photo of it for your records"

coding for 6 hrs.. I kind of want to stop now and go work my digging my ditch. so relaxing

@juliank @liw there's a patch for propellor to send a precompiled binary, but it's been stalled since 2017

It only needs testing of a few edge cases.

I'm too lazy to test it myself..

dug 80 feet of 12 inch deep trench in ~2 hours. By hand

The secret is the trench is a mere 1-2 inches wide, and I used the right tool for the job.

how do I categorize money sent to verify a bank account in hledger? I'm thinking income:banksy-security-theater

@dthompson I've seen what look like those around here, they tend to die back to an ugly stub in winter, but do come back..

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