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@JordiGH I didn't name it, but I have my suspicions

in particular of the Hard Problem with it, merging

pleased to be hosting some interesting discussion of distributed bug tracking on the long-idle

@tek BIOS firmware is the shockwave flash of the 2010's

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If you use Debian: you're got getting the recent Intel CPU bugfixes because Intel updated the firmware package's license to state that it's not redistributable.

If use Linux other than Debian and have the bugfixes: ask your maintainers why they're distributing software they're not legally allowed to.

And in any case: next time you purchase a CPU, evaluate whether AMD might be a better choice than Intel.

someone should make a usb hub that can plug into others of itself like lego, so we can build usb hub castles with flash drive crenulations

@liw nono you misunderstand

1. determine upper limit

2. make login security a function of login difficulty; thus perpetuating monopolies -- if a user is forced to use your login system you can approach close to the limit and thus have better security than small competitors

3. profit!

there's an upper limit to how annoying login to websites can possibly get, right?

anyone here use ring and up for a quick connectivity test?

@Jessokfine 20k apples is fine if you're making cider. 13 barrels

@cwebber you can do it with raw mode, but don't expect it to be pretty

sudo showkey -s

Opportunity for some modern terminal to get a unique feature..

Firewood delivery day is a good fitness benchmark.. Much less wiped out than I used to be by it.

unplanned massive firewoord delivery day!!!

I can hear my neighbor's bass from 1 mile away. This is unusual and disturbing.

Noise sensitivity is not fun.

. o ( Could just cut off the wall warts and run those drives from good old DC )

AC power is still somewhat black magic to me.

I mean, I understand a bridge rectifier, kinda, but.. So much analog hurts my brain.

Hmm, power factor is 0.12 and I don't know how my inverter deals with low loads with such a bad power factor.

Probably buffers it ok? Or perhaps it really uses 25 watts..

Pondering leaving my 3 usb drives powered on 16/7. I have a USB hub with per-port power control, and with their ports off, there's ony a 3 watt parasitic draw.

@acr I just found chirp the other day and was pleased it was easily installable. Thanks.