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at least I get to make a configuration setting with a value of "ACKTHPPT"

@pfm wish I could blame someone else, but it's all me. Me and my damned personal responsibility.

(I've worked 12+ hrs/day for the past 5 days, that after a normal work week.)

utterly exhausted, and just found out this insane push I'm on for the past 5 days, and which I thought was just about over, is going to go on twice as long as I thought

plz send moral support

@jordyd you need a $500 option where you come sleeep on the couch, overstay your welcome by 6 days and generally disappoint.

It will boost your overall kickstarter around $2.50 per backer.

is this really how embargoed security holes are communicated to distros these days?

Lack of https support on a page with a gpg public key supposed to be used to encrypt security hole reports 😮

(And the WOT paths to the only person to have signed that key are not great either.)

@cwebber to the extent this is a code smell and the code needs to be refactored, I prefer the version that makes that explicit, rather than obscuring it.

And yes I have code bases with long lines here and there sticking out from the 80 lines.

may also happen on Mondays. Oh wait, I mean Tuesdays.

The "time leak" is my new favorite category of bug. Happens in FRP implementations.

said the functional programmer, completely ambiguously

I can' t type today. wft?

deployed the chopsticks of snake handling, snake will be ok

my stupid cat doesn't even flinch when a snake threatens to strike

my crazy cat just broght a black snake into my bedroom

so when this dodgy usb modbus adapter glitches out,
power to my whole house shuts down while the watchdog reboots it

teh future!

@clew easy, I don't have hot water on tap.

jacobin interview with a googler about the push against project maven Show more