dear English, why you no word for "and/or"?

@Greg KN95 acceptable? I've found them on Amazon, and at an Indian grocery.

upol. fucked 

remember when Republicans argued that the Garland nomination in March 2016 was up to the voters to decide because it was an election year?

Yeah, neither do they.

2 days and 3000 lines of diff later, program compiles again

ah, coding

@dthompson yeah, glad I got mine in May. One of those things you can kind of anticipate, but not entirely.

Had to mail my dad some lids.

@mlemweb @FiXato @cwebber ok, you convinced me to implement a screen unlock captcha

Are you a file deletion zombie

no brains!

wow has massively improved its support for low bandwidth

I had under 200kb/s down and 30kb/s up and it was getting the birthday girl's streams thru

if anyone was buying the "flying is pretty safe" BS.. someone close to me just tested positive for covid after around 10 hours of flying and 5 in airports in the US, despite taking every precaution

(this was required by their work)

how did I lose my coffee strainer cup?

I suspect kitten

@cwebber I have code using unix sockets for hidden services

socket filename over max length (108) maybe?

wow, twitter found an even more broken way to react to my not being logged in while viewing a post

"this is not available to you" but hit reload and there it is

I like to think they have some small number of machines handling non-logged-in users and enough people have deleted accounts that those machines are perpetually melting down

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