@liw no, I did buy a supposedly left-handed bread knife once, but I can't remember which of my two bread knives is it

free business plan: GPDR resorts in eastern europe

if google bans your account for a TOS violation, do they delete all their tracking data on you?

see shy jo boosted

@joeyh we notice you are running an ad blocker. Please allowlist this coke can to continue

just noticed that drink cans are right hander biased, so the logo is optimally visible

this is the one instance where being left handed is an automatic win because you get to block avertising just by being you

does not make up for scissors

Github: "we use the same overarching policy framework as Microsoft"

That's so say, embrace, extend, extinguish. And deeply authoritarian & rent seeking.

There is is in black and white internal email for anyone who had a shadow of a doubt. drive.google.com/file/d/1ljH74

@aza_leah so the best unix password ever was the very first one. It's all been downhill from there.

@substack yeah, I followed spider-farm when you were on scuttlebutt. I'm 100% offgrid too, and my house uses around 1/10th the US average energy.

But there's alternative and then there's mass market, like it or not, so I am excited when I see indications the mass market is making any kind of improvement.

@substack a fridge plugged into an IQ8 with a single 300w solar panel should be able to keep food cold on sunny days.

Fill the freezer with water for thermal mass and it will probably keep sufficiently cool overight with no power.

Add 2 more solar panels and IQ8's and it will run on cloudy days too.

That's a much simplified version of my offgrid fridge0.branchable.com needing none of its special components of software.

@substack I think we'll see increasingly products quietly designed for this.

A lot of it will be in home battery storage, which is already taking off and is needed to deal with the duck curve problem too.

There are a couple of grid tie inverters that can kinda, sorta power one outlet when the grid is down and the sun it shining.

The Enphase IQ8 microinverter promises to take that a lot further.

git commit -m "work around windows having infected git's plumbing" && shudder && shutdown -h now


@anarcat I considered using calibre once, but I looked at its code for 5 minutes and found one of the security holes you listed ....

so yeah, I actually did file a bug, I hope they don't hate me


I think my method proposed in there will allow detecting any possible terminal size, although if the terminal gets big enough (perhaps moon-sized), it could take some time

yeah, and there are 16k monitors already

xterm's resize used to also assume 999x999 max, now it uses 9999x9999 max, so they'll have to keep bumping it

found some code that assumes a terminal will be no bigger than 999x999

hmm, I wonder..

Project 62 Valencia lamp wasting 2.5 watts.

at least the circuit board that connects live AC to a metal plate on an ungrounded frame does have decent isolation :P

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