just did git commit -m t

and if you look at the commit, it either makes total sense why I used that commit message, or it looks like an absolute nonsense change

• This Pin does not support digital IO
• In a stmt of a 'do' block: buttonpressed <- readfrom a7

Ohhh yeah

using type-level programming to keep a microprocessor's pins from being misued, as you do

@Excuse_haver once you see the fractal genitalia implicit in this diagram, you can't unsee

after some hacking today, I can write this code using copilot that gets compiled into an arduino sketch that flashes the led on and off and also lights it up if a button is pressed

flash = clk (period 2) (phase 1)

main :: IO ()
main = arduino $ do
b <- button
led =: b || flash
delay =: constI16 100

at least hypothetically, I've not bothered to run haskell yada yada hardware

@alios have any good examples of using sbv with arduino?

I vaguely remember an Anthony Crowley talk that touched on it

lol, github does not let me attach .c files to issues, I have to gzip them first

such impressive usability

anyhow, I filed a bug report on NASA code for a fencepost error, so I guess it was worth it? github.com/Copilot-Language/co

Yeah, I'm thinking about using a thing developed for NASA to automate my fridge

was thinking it would be nice to have a EDSL supporting FRP that generated C code that could run on

Then I found copilot-language.github.io/

I think the only part that's missing is the arduino hardware specific part!

@cwebber @ckeen escape in terminals is complicated, because it could be an escape character or the start of an excape sequence

so likely there are timeouts and/or buffers involved

seems I'm going to watch over an hour of a presentation about a seed catalog?!




@dthompson their 2017 catalog made it more explicit (also it's all pixel art in that one)

see shy jo boosted

@dthompson I do wonder when the cross-pollinization from the FSF occurred..

@dthompson I do wonder when the cross-pollinization from the FSF occurred..

. o O (explaining my bad joke would make it worse)

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