it's 91F out and I'm in the un-airconditioned house, by a window, enjoying feeling a bit chilly, since the floor is 65F.

This is why I love my house, earth-shelter construction rules. (Until the 90% humidity comes.)

Srsly, all we needed to do to get those undeletable apps removed from our phones was some light corporate espionage?

@cwebber no, but basically have enough control over your data formats that there's no place to hide the added data that makes the collision happen

@cwebber personally I assumed sha1 chosen-prefix attacks would be the next thing, and already hardened git-annex's use of git against them :P

@cwebber since git already uses that sha1 since SHAttered

@cwebber question is, does the sha1 variant hardened against SHAttered detect this, and/or can it be improved to detect this?

Libreplanet videos are up

finally getting to see the 1st half of a talk I came into late

but I can't seem to find the super moving keynote about 3d printing medical equipment?

@cwebber ran into him in NYC 1999, he was fully gargoyled up

somehow that made me think of a Voltron made of lisp code, CAR on one shoulder, CDR on the other, macro muscles, etc.

@cwebber I think that the answer to the question involves cell phones. Swipe scroll is native there, and the scroll bar is relegated to an indicator of position.

Unfortunately, cell phone UI has infected desktop UI to a large degree.

(Mouse with scroll wheels existed over a decade before the current fashion for thin scroll bars so seem at best a post-hoc justification.)

@technomancy LIGO is awesome, I've added a tour to my bucket list, right after returning to CERN and getting to see inside the accellerator which was not on my otherwise amazing CERN tour.

You know, there's a satellite based LIGO on the drawing board, the Laser Interferometer Space Antenna. Much longer beam lengths, potentially much more accurate.

Oh no they fixed one of my favorite bugs, the "ok hat location is writable" bug

I take solace in the fact that the fix didn't address the underlying design flaw, so this bug will resurface in some other, hopefully equally as amusing form

Because, the universe wants me to hardcode 42 in more source code with no good explanation.

Not the first time, but this is gonna be the best one yet.

My ADC is reading 42 counts too high, consistently, on all channels.

WHY 42 of all numbers?!

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