"the email send button" doesn't work", my dad emails me

this is going to be a fun one

@OdyX it would need a trailing | --baz

a bit better, but doesn't scale well if there are more baz-like options

perhaps my usage messages just need to go full ADT

How to write a usage message for a command that needs one of --foo, --bar, or --baz, and which does not allow combining --foo with --bar, but does allow combining either with --baz?

"(--foo | --bar | --baz ([--foo] | [--bar]))" is accurate, but leaves something to be desired

@xj9 also a rpi probably does not consume 5 watts all day

my laptop is only consuming 4.11 watts right now

not speaking ill of the dead, how about you?

managed to remove 12472 lines of code with no loss of functionality

dependently typed regular expressions

would I have liked this more when I was a perl programmer? I regexp so little now

my cat is sitting by my shoulder, stalking comforters

soon the comforter will come and she will pounce under it

seeing a lot of type level strings in code using new features

a bit uncomfortable with this, it's hard to tell when the code is stringily typed and when it's strongly typed

also spot the type-level typo that the type checker won't catch

of *course* they make phone heat sink cases

I'm waiting for the "crash dialog crashed" dialog.

building git-annex on my phone works, but it overheats and random stuff starts crashing.

It's amusing when Android says that the entire UI crashed, and offers non-working buttons to wait/retry/hide error

TWRP -> LineageOS -> f-droid -> termux -> proot -> debian

Installing a decent OS keeps getting easier & easier or something.

ah, the LineageOS web browser seems the broken part, firefox worked

from on top of is failing at oauth due to ERR_UNKNOWN_URL_SCHEME .. for http!


(Pity about him signaling hard blue dog with recent remarks..)

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