dependently typed regular expressions

would I have liked this more when I was a perl programmer? I regexp so little now

seeing a lot of type level strings in code using new features

a bit uncomfortable with this, it's hard to tell when the code is stringily typed and when it's strongly typed

also spot the type-level typo that the type checker won't catch

Enjoying rather too much the comical brokenness of Paul Graham's rss feed.

Linus Torvalds autographed 2.0 CD from 1998.

@thomasfuchs hard to admit, I've shelved my atari, though I do hope to connect it to a flatscreen display one day

seems about time for "demusked" to enter the internet lexicon

eg, "I demusked this cartoon celebrating the release of the wild boars"

at least I get to make a configuration setting with a value of "ACKTHPPT"

It's my birthday, and the only present I want is to create a new word on this day.

soloxnaslogosm is the accidental misreading of mostly numeric part numbers as words.


Octodon is a nice general purpose instance. more