I do like what they've done with the youtube comments tho. Getting them adblocked is a perfect solution.

I'm very impressed with youtube's latest update. (But I don't think I'll reboot my linux box.)

I'm at a FP conference, and just as the speaker put up this slide the entire hotel lost power.

Why I've been doubful about enabling HSTS for my domains..

what a surprise finding a pristine sf mag from 1994 with the first printing of a LeGuin story in a bookstore's pile of Misc in 2019

Wapo's adblock nagging obscuring their paywall.

I think I'll save the $1 for some guy with a cardboard box sign.

"How can we possibly make this payment process more annoying?"

"I know!"

Google maps with javascript disabled.

From an extremely powerful episode of Free As In Freedom faif.us/cast/2019/feb/19/0x61/

And AT&T ran a new line down this other pole, and TIED it to the pole and ran 100 feet next to a barn to the other pole, where it's also tied

I can't even..

"there's your problem"

or as AT&T says: "ticket closed"

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