wow has massively improved its support for low bandwidth

I had under 200kb/s down and 30kb/s up and it was getting the birthday girl's streams thru

Atari 800, my new kittneh. She wants to race the (laser) beam despite her powerful ANTIC chip.

Baked my best whole wheat sourdough yet and seem to have accidentially opened a 1-top restaurant.

Interesting thing about this book cover.. on first glance, I saw a mask. Would not have last year, so some visual rewiring in progress.

Corey Doctorow in his home bar at while I’m doing some hardware hacking to add monitoring to my solar pump controller.

uspol, scam, spam 

received this presidential spam with what looks like a valid DKIM header:

"Please contribute $35 TODAY to activate your Official 2020 Trump Platinum
Membership and we’ll send you this beautiful PERSONALIZED card."

Found this in the river this morning. And, as it's more than likely one of the endangered species from that river, back it will return.

Random pic of the ~30,000 people who are threatening my mom's life tonight.

My sister’s gorgeous new book is a epistolary collage of letter and botanical drawings from her long-ago gap year in the UK.

I’m loving this, because taking such old material and adding a current perspective is so interesting. Also because I remember how I only saw her for 1 hour that year (in an airport enroute to Oz) and I will probably not get to see her at all this year, which this kind of takes the sting out of.

my county reached the hook in the republican mask acceptance curve over the past couple days

I'm looking forward in some ways to actual data on this at some future point, mostly as it relates to climate change

if you've ever wondered what the temperature profile of putting steaming hot potato salad in the fridge to chill is

.. you're probably the only other person on earth who wondered


other reason to visit the asian grocery: mung bean sprouts (free expired ones in this case) for pancakes

tearing off hunks of my whole wheat sourdough bread at midnight, because how can I resist this crumb and taste?

(1st time sourdough btw)

3 months into the pandemic, I have finally seen some TV commercials and ....

"not available in any stores!"

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