Project 62 Valencia lamp wasting 2.5 watts.

at least the circuit board that connects live AC to a metal plate on an ungrounded frame does have decent isolation :P

C132 (or R67) was super hot. Seems to just be a smoothing capacitor, but I tried removing it and the power supply is still dead.

Perhaps the fuse also blew?

Any bets on whether MIT will do anything substantive about this?

morning fog in the valleys after a night camping in the Roan highlands

Time of year when I stop being a computer programmer and temporary become a sumac spice manufacturer.

Microsoft's diligence in determining that yes, I own copyright of part of Debian is only matched by the attention to detail involved in making sure everything in Debian is suitable for all audiences.

or something something company store

view from 256 feet above my house

(overrode toy drone height limit with ardupilot (then almost crashed it))

Here's how I'm billing Equifax for 10 hours of my time.

recpatcha is really a pretty fun game if you try to click on every square that it does not want

at this point, click "verify" to win the game (not playing the game is the only other way to win)

I clicked on some google forum post that convinced google I am a Russian speaker. Super happy about this confusion.

Here's how google translate looks to me now.

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