If you created an imaginary version of your home directory as it will look in 2040, what would it look like?

First file I made for some reason was this one:

-rw-r--r-- 1 joey joey 1.0M Apr 11 2040 amazon-citizenship-card

The really dystopian part of this thought exercise is that borg will not back up that timestamp. It will set it to 2038. And they don't consider this a bug, "timestamps in the far future should not exist anyway"

Seeking a new backup program now, not even kidding.

@joeyh that is ridiculous... where's that bug report?

@Anarcat I like how the comment contains at least 2 false statements

@Anarcat "we can stop supporting 32bit platforms before 2038"

@joeyh that's just bizarre... "we can stop supporting 32bit"... but we won't? wtf is going on here

@Anarcat I mean, they actually won't be able to. 32 bit processors will still be in use after 2038 and will still need backups.

@joeyh that's one thing i don't get: why doesn't borg just deal with this on the fly? 32bit processors will start failing with 2038 timestamps, but at least 64bit will keep working...

@joeyh i commented on the issue, seems to me this could easily be auto-detected depending on the architecture

@joeyh Hm, what's the situation with post-2038 timestamps in Linux, now? I've note kept up to date. I guess I should make sure Obnam handles those.

I don't know if Rust handles those yet, but if it doesn't, I have at least made sure that Obnam can change its backup format without breaking things.

Ah yes, Obnam stores timestamps as integers converted into strings. Not as fixed size integers. So if Rust can handle this, Obnam should have no problem.

@Anarcat @joeyh Yep. I started from scratch with a new Obnam in January 2021.

@liw @joeyh yeah, i saw that part, but i think i missed the "let's join the rust party" part ;)

@Anarcat @joeyh Rust is what I use now as my primary language. Rewriting my own software in Rust is the ultimate Rust fashion.

@liw @joeyh i'm kind of shocked as to how popular Rust is becoming... i learned golang in a day and liked it a lot, but now i feel like i picked the wrong horse

@Anarcat @joeyh Rust tends to take a little longer to learn than Python or Go, but in my honest, but not humble, opinion, it's worth it.

Which reminds me, I meant to run a free Rust training course for FOSS developers who want to learn Rust. I should get on that.

@liw @joeyh i read diziet's book on rust, and it didn't make me more confident :p rust seems awfully complicated and hard to read, especially compared to python or golang, exactly

@joeyh To clarify: Obnam has problems, but this isn't one of them.

@liw the linux kernel uses 64 bit values for timestamps on 32 bit processors. In 2019 there were patches starting to expose that to user space. There are probably still issues in the kernel/libc boundary. I have not kept up on this much either.

@joeyh LOLing at the idea that your Amazon Citizen Card would be anything less than 500M of overstuffed JSON complete with cached advertisement PNGs stuffed into base64 encoded strings

@phooky true, it surely contains at least 1 VM inside another VM for that matter

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