this is just to say
that I found the half-eaten jar of sauerkraut
in the back of the dead fridge
where it has been ever since
I moved in here, 12 years ago

I threw it out
I did not examine it closely
it was not the least bit cold
maybe it was still good, who knows?

I guess you were saving it for later
and then the fridge died
and the door came off
and you started using its shelves
to store empty bell jars
and you covered it up with a pretty cloth
but the kraut was still good
so it stayed

also I ripped the fridge out of the wall
where you had built it in
between the kitchen and the utility closet
been meaning to do that for years

and then I saw that the fridge
was still hardwired in,
still energized at 24v DC
maybe still eating power for all I know

and you know,
the empty space
between the drywalls in stick frame houses
is intended to be a firewall,
so maybe leaving a rotting,
undead circuit in that space
for decades
was not the best idea

although, nowadays
everyone builds USB converter outlets
into walls without giving that
a seconds' thought

but I'm ranting now
just wanted to say,
I'll make some more kraut soon

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