My 19 year old car has officially become an old car -- I now know people at the garage and bring it in not to get one thing fixed but several that have accumulated.

Please hold out until I can get an EV...

@joeyh Remarkably similar story here. Waiting for EVs to come down in price and have more variety.

@jgoerzen @joeyh Same here, but my current car is only 10yo (and hanging in there).

@buo @jgoerzen @joeyh we've practically accumulated an entire fleet of vehicles, most 20+ years old and all with quirks ranging from "occasional electronic weirdness" to "this has gone about as far as around the block a couple times in the last three years". i'm really hoping we can somehow string this together into never buying another ICE vehicle, but it's going to take some doing...

@brennen @buo @joeyh This is all starting to make me think that my plan to "wait until there are more electric vehicles and new car demand drops" has a serious flaw in the second part. How many people have a pent-up demand for EVs? 🙂 My oldest is getting his restricted license soon, and I bought him an old used car, reasoning that I didn't want to buy a new car and do the cascade thing right now.

@jgoerzen @brennen @joeyh Anecdotically I think I see more and more EVs on the road in my part of the world, but the rate of increase sure is slower than I'd like.

@jgoerzen @joeyh My surprise... when we bought a new plug-in hybrid (Ford Escape), the safety features from the last ten years caused my insurance rate to drop. Might be worth considering a buy now.

@CarlCravens @joeyh Wow! Insurance rates dropping when buying a new car? That's quite something.

I've got a teen driver in the house. Wonder what that would do here.

@jgoerzen @joeyh I was kind of baffled, but my car has a backup camera, proximity warnings, emergency braking when it thinks you're going to hit something, line sensors and active lane-keeping (it will pull away from lines when you cross them without a signal). When my wife let go of the wheel to see if lane-keeping would keep her centered, it "yelled" at her to put her hands back on the wheel.

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