Designed an 11 kw array that would cover my entire roof and upgrade my existing 1kw system.

Estimated price to DIY it is $10k. I'd get 30% back in tax rebates.

For comparison, non-DIY price for a 10kw grid tied system in my area is $33k..

This would be an offgrid array with some quirks and odd choices. so not directly comparable (eg, I'm not spending $10k on inverters), but still... wow.

this system is designed to be able to run a hot water heater and charge an electric car 20 or so miles on a sunny day

and to cover 100% of my other loads on even the most cloudy day. battery bank only needed for overnight loads

@joeyh I want to look into something like that very soon but tied to the grid. Even then the ~33% savings seem enticing.

I wonder if there extra requirements for it being grid tied (like extra verifications unless you follow a professional project), and that will for sure be grid/country-dependent.

Well, need to get my hands "dirty", but will definitely look into the viability of DIY.

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