"The supplied USB cable can only be connected to this product. Do not use the USB cable for other purpose"

Yeah, no, that's not how USB cables work. They go into a drawer and are used for whatever random thing.

I guess I should just throw this one away as a fire risk?

@joeyh Translation: product collects data, the usb cable has the other half of it (budget reasons, don't ask), and the cable's firmware gets upset when it doesn't receive the surveillance data from the product. Deadlines came and passed, had to get product out the door.

Pretty please don't ruin our business, thanks?

@algernon I don't think so, this is a USB powered bug zapper thing. I mean, maybe its also mining bitcoin, IDK.

I've seen someone posting about a cable that had the data pins shorted, as this was required for the power supply to actually deliver power to the device 🤷‍♀️

@joeyh Bug zappers tend to remain turned on during for a long time, and are often placed near humans, so it's a perfect cover to hide a camera. nods sagely, and adjusts his tinfoil hat

@joeyh Ring of red tape round the power-only ones first.

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