Finally found seroprevelance data for the US.

Current value is 94% of the population has antibodies from infection or vaccination.

I've been curious about this number for 2 years. Using blood donations to get it is neat but could bias it a bit?

@joeyh I wonder if they included autologous donations.


In France, they released death (all causes) from 1982 to 2021
the principle is simple:
❶ For 1 dead, U do +1
❷ At the end of the year, U sum
❸ Do it again for each year

Q: give the ☠number in excess for 2020

The USA stat-based on the same methodology is to be released soon.... for the mid-term....SURPRISED SURPRISED
I think that they will only release upon a short time window (not starting from the 80') to do not show the trend (or the reduce it)...will see

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