Full data now.

with this many trees, I'm offline for 3 minutes per hour

Note that the obstruction that looks like it's to the due east is really north-east. The inclination of the dish distorts the view some.


I can see why they went with this 3d view, although it is much harder to see the obstructions size and details with it.

getting 220 mbps despite this is pretty great

outage due to obstructions.. all 3 birds it could have used were behind the same NE hillside of trees

lasted 13 seconds

(map from satellitemap.space/)

The other obstruction pattern I've seen lead to an outage, this time the trees to the NW also prevented seeing 2 birds, for 17 seconds

(The red lines go to the local ground station; I'm located 1 state north of it.)

Now I'm trying to purposefully obstruct starlink. Stood in front of/over top of it, and ran a speed test...

175 mbps

This was with the birds generally N of it, but it managed to see around/through me


@joeyh offline for 3 minutes every hour does not sound too bad given your location I gather?

@joeyh that's about 4× what I get in a relatively affluent suburb of a G7 capital...

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