running 2 different satellite connections and 3 wifi networks in 1 offgrid house with 1 kw of solar panels

@joeyh What sat providers are you using? Impressed you can do all that in 1kW.

@jgoerzen this is viasat (70 watts) and starlink (~40 watts)

so I have a lot of watts left over actually

@joeyh Interesting you could already get Starlink that far east! I'm still on the waiting list here in Kansas. I assume your Starlink experience is much better than Viasat, or why do you maintain two of them?

@jgoerzen viasat will be going away once I get starlink a good enough sky view and installation

they seem to have opened it up in my area rather than continue from west to east...

@jgoerzen I dunno if you've seen the new official map (published after someone mostly reverse engineered the data), but a lot of kansas is covered now

@joeyh SelfHosted podcast has been covering using a starlink with an RV

one thing Chris pointed out ( if I remember this correctly ) is that the starlink detunes the antenna to run hot for deicing

He's also trying to run everything off-grid

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