internet that cuts out for 1 minute out of 10 but is 150 mbps the rest of the time is interesting

aah 26ms ping how I've missed you

mosh is totally the bomb in this situation.. I keep forgetting I'm in ssh

@joeyh my folks just got starlink, and by all reports it's a massive improvement on the essentially worthless hughesnet connection they had before and i ought to be able to work from their place now, but i'm curious what it'll be like in practice for video calls and things of that nature...

@brennen I currently have a lot of trees in the way to the north and west, so I am losing internet for 4-6 minutes every hour mostly in 1-2 minute segementss.

This makes video calls not practical, but when trees do not intervene it seems good enough.

I am planning to ditch my land line phone eventually once I get enough obstructions removed.

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