fedex: a single tracking page claims that a package is in all of these states at once: early, out for delivery "by end of day", and delivery date pending

at&t: one part of their website claims I owe them 1 month's payment, another part claims I have 1 month credit, and the part that charges credit cards charged me twice

did I fall into shrodinger's box of horrible companies?

turns out that fedex's tracking page lacks a state for "received by walgreens but not scanned in yet" so it shows up as in the truck forever until they can be coaxed to dig around in the back to find the box and scan it in

@joeyh @alcinnz Have you hit where ATT won’t let you pay two bills on the same day?

ATT’s website is incredibly bad, and it’s been like that since I can remember. When I think about it, it’s pretty funny how bad it is.

It’s almost like the team is doing it on purpose. There’s no way these could be deliberate; it has to be an act of internal sabotage.😆

I’m going to blame Openstack for the ATT website. 😁

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