please tell me 94 has not flattened the display to the point there is NO VISIBLE BORDER on unfocused tabs. My system has to be broken, right?

@joeyh depends on your theme, I use "native" gtk theme and it's fine

@joeyh i'm using container tabs for a bunch of things, which sort of incidentally helps a bit because it adds colored bars to the top of the tabs, and tree style tabs to navigate on the sidebar most of the time, so i notice it less, but it remains... pretty baffling.

@joeyh With apologies to Warren G. Bennis:

The UI/UX department of the future will have only two employees, a hipster and a dog. The hipster will be there to feed the dog. The dog will be there to bite the hipster if they change the UI/UX.

@joeyh Those designers need to go see a doctor, something is wrong with them

@randynose @thomasfuchs @joeyh

If it doesn't support XUL, it ain't Firefox. I'm just sayin'. Firefox, the real one, ended in 2017. Move on to the past.

@joeyh Yeah, I am having a hard time too.... oh wait, I am talking about firefox 93.

For the first time since I started using firefox for the past many years, I clicked on Help -> Submit feedback and I am taken to a website.. I don't see these usability issues I experience (colour choices, lack of border around tabs etc..) listed on the top page.. which makes me sad.

@joeyh here you can see some reasoning for the new design, and vote to make it an option:

>> for me fluid is beautiful
This mystery meat navigation was a bad idea when Office 97 adopted it and it's a bad idea now.

@RLetot @joeyh

@joeyh I've installed Lepton because it already got too bad to bear...

@joeyh You can change the look of your browser with CSS.

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