there must be some good reason for glibc to dlopen libnss libs, rather than them just being dynamically linked like every other lib...

... but I have never, ever, had any experience with these files that was not due to this choice breaking something. today, my mail server.

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(I do not think that nsswitch.conf is a good reason, because noone really uses that config except for system integrators who could just as easily change the source and rebuild.)

@joeyh Most weird things about glibc ultimately derive from Drepper being a jerk.

@joeyh I mean, I'd much prefer a design where anything more complicated goes into a local system service and then the libc code only handles the simple case (something something sssd/nscd but universal?), but I wouldn't want to have to recompile libc when e.g. migrating a system from Unix /etc files to LDAP, and nor would I want to have an entire LDAP client sitting there baked into libc.

@joeyh I change nsswitch.conf to add lookup of libvirt VMs via name.

@joeyh I'm not sure that requires linking shenanigans, though.

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