wood species id? This is the easiest splitting and best lighting kindling I have ever seen. Used all last winter and want more..

The wood almost looks like oak. Which can split fairly easily

@onepict @bhaugen seems far too easy and light for oak.. I know red oak and it's 10x harder

There's an actual wood named "purple heart", but it's tropical.


How is the weight on it? Depending on that and how well you felt it burned you might be able to find it based on high BTU species

@bhaugen @joeyh
It almost looks like black walnut, but apparently that doesn't burn well.

We have French oak where I live. So there's a similar tone between the heartwood and the outside.

@joeyh If you can ask the source / supplier, check there.

I'm thinking maybe maple. Certainly not elm.

This is geared more at non-felled specimens, but:

@joeyh Looks a bit like black locust and but could be a bunch of other things. Do you have an image with leaves or bark on? What region of the world is this?

@joeyh try, especially if you can get a picture of the bark.

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