new toaster oven lasted 1 hour before I took it apart and doubled its efficiency while baking

do they even design these things or just throw a lot of watts at the wall?

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@joeyh admit it, you bought it knowing you were going to do that.

@Greg I've seen some stupid uses of power, but a resistive load that is accidentially 50 percent efficient, I was not expecting

@joeyh can you share your hack? Also I think Papanek wrote a thing or two about toasters in his "Design for Real World" book.

@joeyh A buddy gave me his toaster oven. It's second hand but in decent shape. I started looking on line and everything there is warning me not to use it reheat things like frozen lasagna, that the heat is uneven, etc. The sites I find seem to offer more caution than anything good. Can you suggest good uses for me? Or a good website perhaps?

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