seeing multiple mentions of TOS as allowing them to do anything with any free software contained there, irrespective of license

This is false (see my response to HN comment), but the really scary thing is it's being spread around as a fait accompli.


(I stopped mirroring software to github in 2017 because of this TOS wording. The free software community, on average, have not given it any consideration.)

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@joeyh Can you elaborate? I think you're saying the ToS doesn't allow GH to do *anything* (I would agree with you there) but also that there are things objectionable in the ToS. I looked over the section the articles are talking about and I'm not quite seeing the objectionable bits -- but I am most definitely open to learning what they are.

@jgoerzen TOS does not apply to code written by people who have not agreed to TOS and upload by others. That's all.

The TOS almost certianly allows them to do a lot of things.

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